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The Caged Bird Doesn't Sing for Love

Stefano Luigi Guida’s first museum solo show, The Caged Bird Doesn’t Sing for Love features works from throughout his short career as an artist. With works dating back to 2016, this exhibition shows the extent of materials and subject matters SLG has incorporated into his paintings. From assemblage to sculptural relief, SLG draws from the art historical canon to create a contemporary conversation about identity, religion, and trauma.

The exhibition aims to show how through his artistic practice, SLG has created a conversation about what it means to be both American and Italian, as well as a first generation child of immigrant parents. Emphasizing the use of language and materials, SLG’s paintings blend several mediums to create his unique and distinctive visual language.


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  • Special Exhibit April / May 2021 During Museum Hours or by appointment.
    The Caged Bird Doesn't Sing for Love

    Abstract portraits in plaster, paint and recollage- by Stefano Luigi Guida

    A self-taught artist, Stefano Luigi Guida (born 1991) is currently working and living in the Hudson Valley. Rooted in doodling, SLG’s paintings rely on a stream of consciousness like process fueled by his environment and is influenced by nature, literature, music, cartoons, history, media and much more. His paintings feature a wide array of subjects matters and themes executed in a highly distinctive style found throughout his work. His
    paintings often utilize a variety of materials ranging from acrylic, clay, plaster, wood, and cardboard on canvas. His work has developed over the years but has never drifted too far from his distinctive style. Currently his work is primarily sculptural relief on canvas using plaster and acrylic to bring to life the fantastical forms and figures featured in his paintings.

    Both his parents Italian immigrants, his mother from Abruzzi and father from Salerno, Stefano Luigi Guida’s Italian-American heritage and identity is a central theme throughout his paintings. He has developed a visual language that reflects the balancing of both his Italian and American identity through the use of imagery, writing, and materials. His paintings are often a dialogue between the traditional cultural values of his family and his own sense of identity, values and ideas. In his work, SLG also comments on mental health and examines how art can provide a positive outlet for processing and dealing with trauma.

    Stefano Luigi Guida grew up working in his family’s Italian restaurant, and received his Masters in Art History from SUNY Purchase in 2018. While completing his masters, SLG worked on a thesis project that examined the development of an Italian American identity and its representation through the images of the Italian Immigrant Press and American Periodicals. He focused on Italian language newspapers such as Il Progresso Italo Americano and received the M.A. award for Art History, Criticism, and Theory. SLG is also an educator and teacher candidate and has worked with several museums and schools throughout the tri-state area. His work has been shown in dozens of galleries throughout the tri-state area and he has performed live painting during a number of events.

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