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American Italian Heritage Association

Our Association was founded in 1979, and we have become an international organization with members in 41 States and several countries ! Our goals are to record and preserve our Italian heritage and culture. Our museum has ten rooms of exhibits, a Hall of History and a gift shop. We operate the largest Italian American museum in the east. Our second floor is the home of our Italian Cultural Center which includes a library, class room, meeting space, memorial room, art gallery and a hall. We offer many classes and events at the Cultural Center that help us to record and preserve our Italian heritage.

The AIHA operated the Italian Cultural Center & Museum located at 668 Catherine Street, Utica, New York (Utica's "Little Italy" - east side of the city) 1985. It was closed late in 1998 so that plans for the new national museum in Albany, NY could begin.

In 1979, Prof./Cav. Philip J. DiNovo gave birth to the idea of a Italian American Cultural Organization. He invited eight Italian American professors to a meeting at the Law School , Syracuse University, Syracuse , NY . Those attending agree to organize the American Italian Heritage Association to record and preserve our Italian heritage. The Association has an outstanding record: publishing five books, for 16 years held two conferences a year in different parts of the state, has set up exhibits, sponsored many cultural programs, worked with schools and colleges, published various publications, sponsored two Italian folk dance groups, a Italian choir, has had outreach events with other ethnic groups, marched in parades, set up booths at various fiestas', offered many classes for children and adults, set up a speakers bureau, held Italian food festivals & events. These and many other events have helped to keep alive our Italian heritage and culture.

Prof./Cav. Philip J. DiNovo has been knighted by the Italian government for his years of service in the Italian American community. He is on the national Italian American Folk Art Federation Board and writes articles for Italian American publications across the nation. He has invited many outstanding volunteers to join in this important cause and the record is due to their great talent, sacrifice and commitment.