Dear members and friends of the American Italian Heritage Museum,

As always, we want to thank you for your continued support and generosity. Last year, our appeal was a great success! Over $20,000 was raised. The funds were used to keep our buildings up to par, as well as for the many programs and activities we offer. Our dues and museum admittance cover around 30% of operations. The other 70% comes from fundraising and appeals. Our dues are kept low as to be affordable for everyone.

This year we hope to raise $35,000 for our Endowment Fund. Up to now, we have been able to keep the Museum running 100% by volunteers who give so selflessly of themselves. However, as the age of these many wonderful volunteer’s advances, many of them cannot continue. We are striving every day to recruit younger volunteers and we encourage all of you who can to come and join our group of dedicated volunteers to keep our mission going. Our professor who is in his late 80’s still serves as President and CEO and dedicates endless hours to the Museum. We are envisioning in the somewhat not too distant future that we will have to hire a President/CEO and some staff to keep the museum operating. As such we are now trying to fund an endowment so that when such a time comes, we will have the resources to hire some individuals as needed. Donating to our Endowment Account will leave a legacy for future generations.

We hope we can count on your generosity for this great endeavor! As always, 100% of the funds raised for this appeal will go to the Museum Endowment Fund-- Enclosed you will also find a flyer of our Tree of Life which is prominently displayed in our lobby. We encourage you to consider purchasing a leaf or a plaque in memory of a loved one. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and tax deductible.

Prof/Cav. Philip J. DiNovo, President
Catherine DiCocco McGuire Fundraising Chair

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