Professor Philip J. DiNovo is the Founder and President of the esteemed American Italian Heritage Association and the American Italian Heritage Museum in Albany, New York. He has also been knighted by the Italian Government and is a respected figure in America’s Italian community

President's Message May 2019

 Most likely, by the time we reach the age of forty we have been met with many struggles along the way. Our Association has had more than its share of struggles from the very beginning. For instance, I had to use my own money for several years in order to keep us afloat. Also, my family home was utilized as the headquarters starting in 1979 to 2009. We have encountered and faced so many challenges over the years that it is indeed a miracle that we are still in operation. That is why as we are celebrating our 40th Birthday, I thank God for all our blessings and for keeping us going throughout these past four decades. Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind that first of all we owe our success to the Almighty. I pray every single day for His help. By God’s grace we continue to triumph over the trials and tribulations that cross our path. Our history has been all about survival.

As you know, our mission is to record and preserve our Italian heritage. I have been writing a President’s Message for forty years and for all of that time we have kept every issue of our newsletter. A record of our numerous trials is outlined in each newsletter. Throughout our history, the written word is one of the primary ways that we record our past, share our ideas and project our future. I want it to be recorded on this page again. Cherish what we have because it was paid for with blood, sweat and tears. We didn’t have anything when we started. Just look at us now! We have a campus located in the capital of New York State worth from $800,000 to $1,000,000,000, and our accomplishments are universally acknowledged. We are respected in the community and beyond as a very important organization with a solid record of service. There is so much more I could say, but I will end this topic by once again thanking our dedicated volunteers for giving us their time and talent while at the same time extending sincere gratitude to our generous supporters who have always been there for us. Each and every one of you is vitally important in making our 40th Birthday possible.

We will actually be celebrating three milestones throughout 2019, more info to follow. Considering my age, I don’t have high expectations of being around for our Fiftieth Birthday. Therefore, I plan on making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The best and greatest morale booster for me will be your enthusiasm and support. These joyous celebrations are much more meaningful because of the time, talent, treasure, and more that you have put into our organization. Now is the time to celebrate!

I have tried to provide the necessary leadership so that our collection in the museum is preserved for future generations. A tangible way to do that is through an Endowment Fund which will guarantee that there will be enough money on hand to keep the museum operating and able to carry out our mission long after we are gone. Speaking for myself, I have put the museum in my will. By the same token, two other members have contacted me to say they are also including the museum in their wills. We ask you to seriously consider doing whatever you are able in order to ensure that our museum continues well into the future.

Birthdays are a time of reflection whether for an individual or for an organization such as ours. We can honestly say with pride that we have come very far and accomplished a great deal. As you navigate through the museum you find tangible reminders of the price paid so that we might have a better life, along with those who have left their mark through their talents and generosity. Our many devoted volunteers are duly noted and honored as well. None of us knows what the future holds, but we are given the freedom to make life-choices. We can choose to give some of our time and treasure to keep alive our precious treasure, our own Italian heritage. Has it enriched your life? Should we pass it on? I hope you reflect on whatever you can do because our future depends on your actions.

Prof.Cav. Philip J. DiNovo

 In honor of the Italian immigrants who came to the United States of America, we are committed to record and preserve the contributions of our Italian Heritage and culture to our society through our newsletter, cultural programs, activities, exhibits, and outreach programs.