In 2007 we celebrated the 200th birthday of Giuseppe Garibaldi and now we have a beautiful gift at our museum to commemorate the occasion. Teri Cosma Mazzara Boor, a member and an accomplished sculptress, has donated one of her sculptures, "The Sword of Giuseppe Garibaldi." She has also donated a Red shirt made by Bianca Danei, a member and a beautiful handmade case. Terri is an artist in residence at the University at Albany, Department of Art. The University has named their sculpture studio in her honor, the Boor Sculpture Studio. Her art is located in many public places. She is a native of Utica, NY and comes from a very distinguished family. We are honored to have the "Sword of Garibaldi in our museum. It is a wonderful gift.  The gift is dedicated to Salvatore Mazzara, her grandfather, one of the first 1,000 volunteers to join Garibaldi at the Battle of Aspramente.

To view more works of art by Terri Boor visit The Boor Sculpture Studio located at the University of Albany

Boor, a native of Utica, credits her building-contractor father with instilling in her and her six siblings a love of the arts. "He was very cultured," she recalls. "I would sit next to him and watch him draw with blue ink on white vellum paper. Those drawings would remind me of the clouds in a beautiful blue sky. And he would hum the most beautiful arias. My father impressed upon us that, through music and art, we were hanging onto our ancestry. For us, the arts were almost a form of ancestor worship."

Today, Boor still looks to her ancestors for inspiration in her work. "My grandmother used to make the gold epaulets for the Italian army officers' uniforms. For St. George's Episcopal Church in Schenectady, I recently designed an altar cloth and vestments that drew upon that theme of gold," she notes.

Although she is an accomplished sculptress - her works range from human figures almost abstract in their simplicity to finely detailed, lifelike busts - Boor considers herself a student: "It takes three lifetimes to be a sculptor. You never finish learning. I'm just on my first step."